Weather Channel Accused of Pro-Weather Bias

Critic claims The Weather Channel shamelessly overreports stories on hurricanes and weekend forecasts at the expense of other news.
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Jeremy Paxman famously hated the idea of weather reports on Newsnight. Here’s how the great Paxo dealt with it, in a compendium shown on Have I Got News For You.
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UK consultancy attacks fund managers’ ‘hidden charges’ News

UK consultancy attacks fund managers’ ‘hidden charges’
The UK’s investment consultants, who advise big investors on what to do with their money, continue to pressure fund managers over the fees they charge. The latest to join the attack is Lane Clark & Peacock, which reckons managers have scooped an extra £300m for nothing in the past 12 months alone.
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UK government gets really serious about open source
Computerworld UK: “Monday 21st February 2011 saw the first ‘Open Source System Integrators Forum’ held by the Cabinet Office and I’d like to share a few modest bits of news with you all”
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UK visitors top spenders at Dubai Shopping Festival
UK shoppers splashed $ 9.2m in first week, with American visitors spending $ 5.2m
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UK-Kuwaiti trade deal to be doubled
The UK and Kuwaiti Governments have agreed to double bilateral trade and investment between the two countries to £4 billion by the year 2015.
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Shamrock Festival March 11 to 18 News

Shamrock Festival March 11 to 18
The Event Planning Committee is currently making plans for the second annual Shamrock Festival, a weeklong event scheduled from March 11-18. Drop into any of the merchants displaying a shamrock in their window during Shamrock Festival Week, spend $ 25 or more and be entered into a “Pot of Gold” drawing to be held at the March 18 Shamrock Festival Gala evening event.
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Council of Voluntary Organisations Training Programme
The Isle of Man Council of Voluntary Organisations Presents its 2011 – 2012 Training Programme.
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Latest Weather News

Weather Matters: Wetter weather may accompany arrival of March
South Florida Water Management District workers are taking advantage of the dry weather to plant trees on Lake Okeechobee islands. Wading birds use pond apple and cypress trees as prime habitat. See below for more information.
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Winter weather advisory in effect; some schools delayed
A winter weather advisory remains in effect for Northwest Indiana until 9 a.m. with snow tapering off to flurries this morning, according to the National Weather Service.
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Weather Wonder Question Of The Day
Today’s ‘Weather Wonder’ question of the day is: What is an anticyclone?
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PFT: Bears extend Lovie’s contract through 2013 News

PFT: Bears extend Lovie’s contract through 2013
The Bears have signed coach Lovie Smith through the 2013 season.
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What is the best credit card to apply for for the first time?

Question by flori0009: What is the best credit card to apply for for the first time?
I have years of excellent on-time rental history, however I have no credit because I’ve never been in debt (always pay bills on time) go figure. I was wondering which credit cards I could apply for, for the first time. Wal-Mart Credit card rejected me because I have no credit, and I’m just looking for something small so I can put things on the card and pay them off quickly to establish some sort of credit. Any suggestions?

Best answer:

Answer by auntcookie84
Capital One is a pretty easy card to get. You may also want to try the PayPal credit card…that one was pretty easy to obtain as well. Both cards will start you out at a $ 500 limit and will raise it as you establish your good credit standing with them.

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How does paying interest on an unsubsidized student loan work?

Question by Ken: How does paying interest on an unsubsidized student loan work?
I’m currently in the process of requesting a loan for college; because I’m under 24, I’m still considered a dependent of my parents making me ineligible for the subsidized loan (due to lack of financial need). I understand I’ll be charged interest while I’m attending but how much am I paying. Say the loan was for $ 1000 and the interest was 6.8%, would I pay $ 68 per month for 4 years?

Best answer:

Answer by Unknown
Stafford loans do not require you to pay anything on them while you are enrolled at least half time. So you will pay 0. Yes, you are charged interest. The interest is added on the the amount you owe while you are a student… you won’t pay anything.

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What is the difference between a credit card and personal line of credit?

Question by blue11: What is the difference between a credit card and personal line of credit?
I have just applied for a Wells Fargo Credit Card-I also have a checking account with them as well. Anyways, i was approved for a secured credit card of 800 dollars and denied a personal line of credit? I have to send them 300 dollars for collateral to get my card. Can someone explain this to me more thoroughly. Thank you.

Best answer:

Answer by jrzeegrl71
Your best bet is to actually ask Wells Fargo.

Being a Banking industry vet, I can assume that what Wells Fargo terms a “personal line of credit” is actually an unsecured credit card.

You may not have enough credit or a low credit score, so they have offered you a secured credit card, i.e. one backed by some collateral (your $ 300) and most likely a higher rate of interest.

Hopefully after some time with responsible usage and on-time payments, they will reconsider.

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Copenhagen - Lonely Planet Travel Video

Lonely Planet author Sally O’Brien has worn out shoes walking through Copenhagen, the bridge between Europe and Scandanavia. By the way, in case you’re trying to learn Danish, they all speak English better than you do. Produced by Lonely Planet TV

UK Q4 GDP fall even sharper than first thought

UK Q4 GDP fall even sharper than first thought
LONDON, Feb 25 (Reuters) - Britain’s economy contracted even faster than previously thought in the last three months of 2010, shrinking by 0.6 percent, after downward revisions to industrial and services …
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UK trade minister hails Oman ties
Muscat — Lord Steven Green, British minister of trade and investment, affirmed Omani-British relations were strong and described bilateral ties as strategic, trade-based and well-established.
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