How to Use Olive Oil in Cooking

Using olive oil can have great health benefits - as well as being very tasty!

A lot of people use olive oil in their day to day cooking, but not everyone will understand the best way to get the most out of this special ingredient. For thousands of years people have been using olive oil, and it is a great way to add flavour and substance to almost any meal. I recently had the good fortune to talk to an olive oil expert from who agreed to impart his wisdom regarding this wondrous liquid.

Don’t Overheat Your Oil – If the oil starts to smoke then you have the heat too high and the olive oil is as good as ruined. The smoke point of olive oil is around 400 degrees Fahrenheit, so try not to get to this temperature!

Virgin and Extra Virgin Best When Cold – Although these types of olive oil can withstand a decent amount of heat, they quickly lose flavour. With this in mind your best use for virgin and extra virgin olive oil is on uncooked dishes such as salads.

High Heat Oils – There are certain types of oil that can withstand heat very well, including fine virgin olive oil. By using this kind of oil you can sauté, fry, or bake while still benefiting from the low saturated fat content and fewer calories present in olive oil when compared to butter.

Balance Acid Flavours – Olive oil can be a great balancer when it comes to using it in conjunction with high acidity ingredients such as lemon juice, vinegar and tomatoes; and by carefully adding it you can create a truly amazing combination.

Try Marinating – By using olive oil in a marinade you are able to get good penetration through the meat or vegetable, leading to much richer flavours.

Mashed Potatoes – For an alternative to butter in your mashed potatoes, try adding olive oil! If you want some exceptional mash, consider adding garlic and some seasoning as well.

My debt was satisfied but it still has a balance showing on my credit report. How do I clear this up?

Question by Tina I: My debt was satisfied but it still has a balance showing on my credit report. How do I clear this up?
I paid the debt in full but the credit report said that I still owe a balance. I can’t even get an apartment.

Best answer:

Answer by kate
Send that credit agency a certified letter with a copy of the payment check or letter indicating it was paid by the creditor .
Or email them a copy if you are getting this info via email .

Millions of people , multi-millions of data entries , LOTS of mistakes .

good luck


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Why do students take out large loans for unmarketable degrees like art and philosophy?

Question by Rockland S: Why do students take out large loans for unmarketable degrees like art and philosophy?
With a degree in art or philosophy and student loans of 50k+ it’s likely you will be living in poverty for several years!

Do students take these loans out because of ignorance or do they know how hard it’s going to be?

Best answer:

Answer by Ani S
It’s not stupidity or ignorance. They are following their passion because that is what they love to do. And contrary to what you believe art and philosophy can make you good money. Just depends on what you do with it. And the same goes with ANY degree you acquire. And in the end, if they end up doing something they love, more power to them. It’s better than being miserable in a job they hate just because it PAYS well. Now ……THAT’S stupid.

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Can a business escape debt by dissolving and reforming with a new name?

Question by null 0: Can a business escape debt by dissolving and reforming with a new name?
Can an incorporated business escape debt by dissolving, reforming under a new name, rehiring all of the exact same employees, and contacting the database of clients from the old company name and informing them of the name change, new contact info, etc? Would this result in debt under the original business name completely gone? Can people make claims against the new company for debt of the old one if it has the same owners?

This does not relate to me personally, I think it’s a shitty thing to do if its possible, just asking out of curiosity.

Best answer:

Answer by Bud Johnson
I hate to say it, but small businesses have been known to use this tactic. There are some hang-ups with the plan though. If you hose vendors that you have been doing business with then you will have to find new vendors, because these vendors will obviously not do business with you anymore. Payroll liabilities will be tracked back to the responsible party at the company these liabilities are inescapable. If your business has some how got loans from banks without a personal guarantee then you will need to file a business bankruptcy and even then the bank can claim the bankruptcy is fraudulent. However, most small business loans require a personal guarantee which means if you default your personal credit is at risk. Even in small business in a big city word will get around that the owner has hosed a bunch of people and revenue will be affected.

The main time this solution works effectively is if a small corporation gets sued and they lose the lawsuit and have a big judgment against them. In order to avoid paying the judgment the owner will shut the business down and change the name slightly with the Department of State and re-incorporate.

Big business really can’t get away with this tactic as the reputation of the business will be harmed and everyone will find out about it.

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RCM Technology Trust - Net Asset Value(s)
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