Dr. David Janda explains rationing and why Dr. Rob Steele must defeat Dingell.

Learn About Dr. Steele www.youtube.com Dr. Rob Steele must defeat Obamacare author John Dingell, sending a strong message to Defund, Repeal and Replace this disastrous bill. Dr. Dave Janda discusses the rationing component inherent in ObamaCare, and the only solution being electing representatives like Dr. Rob Steele on Nov. 2nd. Support Dr. Steele today at www.robsteeleforcongress.com .

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Massey Agrees to Medical Monitoring
Massey Energy Company will create a medical monitoring fund for health screenings for the southern West Virginia residents who are suing the company, claiming that it poisoned their wells with coal slurry.
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Il était une fois… les technologies du passé.

Once upon a time… vintage technologies. ============================================================================= Des enfants d’une école au Québec sont placés devant des anciens objets des années 80/90 et doivent en deviner l’utilité. © www.cyberpresse.ca - Journaliste Jean-Christophe Laurence - Réalisation : Top Multimédia - Classe de Cristina - Ecole St-Grégoire-le-Grand (Québec, Canada). ============================================================================= Kids from a school in Québec, Canada, are in front of 80s 90s generation technologies have to find what are those objects used for. © www.cyberpresse.ca - Reporter Jean-Christophe Laurence - Producer : Top Multimédia - School class of Cristina - Ecole St-Grégoire-le-Grand (Québec, Canada). ============================================================================= I am not the one that made the video, I uploaded and translated it.
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This month we’re taking to the skies as dirigibles emerge phoenixlike into a new golden age. From the windswept plains of the arctic - to flying saucers bringing civilization to untamed lands. All that’s new in the world of balloons and blimps. This month on Technology Update. We’ve got the future…covered!!
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Understanding US political lingo

For some Americans politics is a different language. Bell-weather, beltways, cattywampus and stumps are just a few of the terms thrown around on any given day in Washington. So Al Jazeera’s John Terrett hit the streets of Atlanta in Georgia, to see if voters there were up on their political lingo.
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www.janson.com This is a rare look at one of the worst horror stories in the long infamous history of warfare. This series features captured German and Russian film footage, much of which has never been seen before.

Does your business have a mobile marketing strategy?

smsMobile marketing can mean many different things to different people, businesses and organizations. Within this article we will focus on text message marketing, also referred to as SMS message marketing. With today’s technology and fast paced society, text message mobile marketing will give your business the greatest opportunity for the highest return on your investment. Mobile phone users are rapidly increasing and mobile marketing is providing a significant platform for businesses to reach a specific and targeted audience, almost immediately.

Text messaging is a powerful and emerging new method of advertising and can significantly expand and brand your business. Businesses of all types and sizes can benefit considerably with the use of text message marketing. There are more than five billion cell phones users in the world and that number is consistently and rapidly increasing. SMS text message marketing has an exceptional delivery rate, with over ninety-seven percent of text messages being opened, usually within minutes from being received. Messages are delivered fast, providing you with the ability to contact your customers immediately with new products and services, or the latest industry news and information. This is an outstanding source of marketing and a truly unique and effective way to speak directly to your target audience. Having an open line of communication with your clients can also give you an exclusive and personal quality, as well as a great advantage over your competition.
Those receiving your messages will have to opt in to your service in order to receive your messages. Promote your “text to” numbers within all your current marketing campaigns, social media sites, blogs, etc. This will build an important list of clients that have an expressed, current interest in your product or service and are asking for more information. Be sure to utilize your text messaging campaigns effectively. Be creative when creating your mobile marketing campaigns. Consider offering a discounted price on a purchase made within the next two hours, or exclusive offers and deals to a specific list of clients. Geographical marketing is an effective feature which allows for your message to be delivered to a specific, targeted consumer base, resulting in higher returns and increased sales. Your messages should always include something of value, whether it is product or service discounts, information, or news updates.

Mobile marketing is rapidly growing and developing. With the technology built into today’s smartphones we are able to do some truly amazing things with mobile marketing. A successful business must keep up to date with their industry as well as their customers. Consumers today are technology-based; they are connected to their phones nearly twenty-four hours a day. Creating and launching a successful mobile marketing campaign can be done by any business of any size. Text message marketing receives the highest response rate compared to any other marketing method available today. Mobile marketing is here to stay. Incorporate text message marketing into your business, increase your sales, save yourself some time and money, and sit back and watch your business grow.

In order to take advantage of the high prevalence of cell phone use, marketers have begun to take advantage of a strategy called mobile marketing in 2011. Mobile marketing means that business owners will communicate with their customer base with their mobile phones and other apparatuses. They can do this by sending messages about a new promotion that requires the customers’ participation, to let them know that they have a sale going on or to send them to a website.

Teaching mobile marketing strategies is something that marketing coaches would benefit from greatly, because it will raise their value in the coaching market. Mobile technology is so pervasive, that it would be negligent on a business coach’s part to not know anything about mobile marketing. Several statistics demonstrate why this would be the case. In the United States alone, the use of text messaging has increased astronomically in just a couple of years. In January of 2006, only 18 billion text messages were sent every month, but in June of 2008 the number had exploded to 75 billion text messages.

The statistics do not just show that text messaging is increasing in the United States, but that it is also growing around the world. 4.1 billion people all over the world have some sort of mobile device. In China alone, the number of people with mobile apparatuses amounts to 400 million, while 50 million mobile customers residing in Indonesia. The amazing thing is that in no less than 30 countries, the number of people with mobile devices surpasses 100 percent which means that some of these people have more than one of these instruments.

We have started to see many companies in many sectors use sms marketing such as payday loans companies, ppi companies and even respectable high street brands start to use sms marketing as a method to get their brand exposed to more and more customers.

Because so many people have the tools that allow for text messaging, multiple businesses have the opportunity to benefit from this new technology and to learn it form marketing coaches. Coaches can teach their students the best strategies for using this new technology. For example, the important thing for marketers to do is to gear their messages toward all the different types of mobile devices that exist. Apps are always being created that make using mobile apparatuses easier; as marketers create their messages, they can do it with a particular app in mind.

The use of apps has grown and is expected to grow in the future. In 2010, iTunes saw 5 billion apps downloaded to people’s mobile devices. IBM has made a prediction for the year 2015; they believe that more apps for mobile devices will be downloaded than any other type of app. With these statistics, marketing coaches have a new and important direction to take their clients and they will need the advice of someone who knows how to make it work. A marketing coach who does not take the time to learn about mobile marketing will be left far behind in the industry.


Owner Finance, Keller Texas, Fort Worth-No Bank Qualify

Your family will love their new lifestyle in this Master Planned Community. Choose from 6 neighborhood Pools, Tennis Courts, Parks, Amenity Center, Greenbelts and Walking Trails. This Custom home features Raised Ceilings, Ceramic tile, Brushed Nickel Fixtures, Custom Paint, Decorator Niches, and Separate Utility Room are all great reasons to call this lovely house home! Kitchen/dining opens up into the family room with a cozy corner fireplace. Kitchen appointments include fashionable tumbled marble backsplash, dark stained cabinets, separate pantry, plus stainless sink with upgraded faucet, and matching black appliance package with gas range, microwave, dishwasher and refrigerator. Master bath boasts double sink vanity, separate shower and garden tub. Lovely French Doors enclose the Secluded Study near the front entry. Front yard is professionally landscaped. Upgraded to a 30 year roof installed 2010. Backyard has patio and is surrounded by a 6 foot privacy fence. For more information about our Owner Finance program call us at 817-581-7520

QUESTION: What role does giving play in a good financial plan for our lives - particularly the last 1/3 of it? Legacy of Wisdom is a non-profit project dedicated to developing a vision of best practices for living and the fulfillment of our life’s potential. We ask a specific set of questions related to five of humanities most pressing issues. By gathering the answers from some of our most experienced and profound teachers, we are able to create a vision that is useable by people in all generations. Dr. Robert C. Atchley (Bob) discusses the important role that giving plays in a conscious and wise end of life plan.

Banks reopen in Egypt after week closure

Banks reopen in Egypt after week closure
(AP:CAIRO) Banks across Egypt have reopened after an almost weeklong closure triggered by massive strikes and protests in public sector financial institutions.
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Banks reopen in Egypt after week closure
CAIRO (AP) - Banks across Egypt threw open their doors Sunday, returning to business after an almost weeklong closure mandated by the central bank because of strikes and labor protests that have hampered efforts to reboot the nation’s economy.
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How to Restore the High Street to the Heart of Local Community Life


I know when I was growing up the highlight of my week was my Saturday shopping trip into town with my Mum and Grandma. I loved the walk down the high street with all the shops proudly displaying their products in their shop windows. Today however, years have passed by and so has the face of the high street. With competition for businesses and customers higher than ever businesses today really have to stay on their toes in order to succeed. The demise of many retailers such as Woolworths and HMV has been a sign that many retailers simply can’t keep up with the pace of change. Experts have said that in order to survive and blossom in future years, high streets will need to adapt to modern day society and become places to live in, eat, shop in and visit. I agree, the high street and its shops, restaurants, cafes need to understand the modern family and their needs in order to flourish. I know myself that there is nothing better than a Saturday morning stroll into town, a browse round some gorgeous (and well organised) shops and then a relaxing coffee and sandwich at my favourite little café – I now own this property and know the rent will continue to be paid for many years to come! I saw the opportunity to invest in the business to make it both successful and profitable.

To save our high streets and get them buzzing with business again I believe it is more than just a new product display that is required to attract more customers. In the short term, we need real action from government to get the high street economy moving again. There are plans in place to do this with the ‘Portas Pilots’ which aims to kick-start the high street renaissance - check out the government website for more details of the towns which are in contention.

I love shopping online, the ease and convenience is hard to argue with! But the increasing popularity and reliance upon online shopping is definitely one of the key contributors to the demise of the high street. I think that today there needs to be a real effort from businesses and the government to combine online trade with vibrant high streets at the heart our communities. There is a great article in The Guardian about how to save the high street which I would highly recommend reading.

People today are afraid of investing in the high street but for those who have or who are planning to do so in the future, there are numerous tools to help. I know from talking to fellow property owners that active commercial property management is essential to ensuring properties remain occupied and in demand. Many of my friends and fellow investors have used commercial property management agents and consultants to deal with their tenants and supervise their commercial properties. After all it is commercial property consultants are an invaluable tool to help investors, landlords, agents and entrepreneurs find the best commercial property deals and make sure properties are well positioned to earn a good long term rental income.

The high street is not dead, it’s simply being re-born. Those who understand this change and have the expertise to manage it and source the best opportunities will only continue to succeed further.

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Business receives lender award for affordable housing
The North Dakota Housing Finance Agency recognized Western Cooprative Credit Union of Dickinson and Williston as a Champions of Affordable Housing at the 2011 Statewide Housing Conference.
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Goldman Sachs Provides Million For Houston Businesses
Some local small business owners will get a collective shot in the arm from Goldman Sachs to the tune of $ 25 million over the next five years, Mayor Annise Parker announced today.
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Carrols Restaurant Group, Inc. to Present at the J.P. Morgan Global High Yield & Leveraged Finance Conference
SYRACUSE, N.Y.-(BUSINESS WIRE)-Carrols Restaurant Group, Inc. (Nasdaq: TAST) today announced that Alan Vituli, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, will present at the J.P. Morgan Global High Yield & Leveraged Finance Conference at Loews Miami Beach Hotel in Miami, FL. The presentation is scheduled for Monday, February 28, 2022 and will begin at 9:40 am Eastern Time. Investors and interested …
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Will the Budget make you happy? Check this out
Can Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee save the day for his coalition government?
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