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What can happen if oral hygiene is not maintained?

Oral hygiene is extremely important as it helps to protect the teeth and gums and prevent harmful oral health conditions which can otherwise wreak devastation on the state of one’s mouth. Any dentist will tell you that good oral hygiene is a much and ought to comprise tooth brushing done twice daily, on top of [...]


What are the causes of obesity and how can it be prevented?

The Body Mass Index (BMI) is the measurement used to compare a person’s weight and height and defines whether someone is underweight, of normal weight, overweight or obese. The pre-obese/overweight BMI measurement is between 25 kg – 30 kg per m2. A BMI over 30 kg per m2 indicates obesity with abnormally high amounts of [...]


What is the root cause of your sleeping problems?

Every so often we all have problems either getting to sleep or staying asleep at night. This can be caused by a multitude of reasons and our first reaction maybe to treat the problem with sleeping pills.  It could even be caused by a partner if they are having problems snoring, for which there is [...]


Entertaining Children at London Theatre

The West End is famous for its high profile plays and musicals, which dominate the landscape, and as a result there is no end to the sights and sounds that adults can witness with theatre tickets. But what about children? What shows can children experience to entertain them during the summer months? Luckily the West [...]

looking young

Looking Young

Nobody wants to look older.  As we grow throughout our lives and our minds and bodies change, there are a great many benefits that we pick up along the way.  Wisdom, patience and understanding are all the fruits of a long life that should be looked forward to and cherished.  However, alongside the wonderful things [...]


Learning To Play A Musical Instrument

An enjoyment of music is an intrinsic part of human existence.  Since the beginning of time people have made music together, as part of social bonding or as the creation of art.  Music can enrich our lives and give an extra dimension to our often dull realities.  Being more immediate and involving than many other [...]


Learning a Language

Though the education system is set up to cram what often seems like a lots of useless information into a short space of time, many of us survive our early experiences of school with our curiosity for knowledge and learning intact.  As you leave your various forms of education and emigrate into the wider world, [...]

keeping fit

Keeping Fit

Our everyday lives have changed much in the last hundred years.  With the widespread availability of the automobile and the increased availability of public transport, we have been allowed to travel with much less effort than previously thought possible.  Added to this is the extensive use of computers in our day jobs: much work today [...]

joining gym

Joining the Gym

One’s health is very important.  It is of paramount concern to look after your body through a mixture of a healthy diet and good, well prepared exercise.  With this combination one can increase the healthiness of their body whilst gaining a host of other benefits at the same time.  Leading a healthy lifestyle isn’t just [...]

War Horse

Go To The Theatre For Cheap

Life can often feel like you are fighting a losing battle.  With today’s high stress work environment, it is not uncommon to feel that you are no longer in control of your own destiny.  For many of us around the country working hard at the 9-5, it can all begin to seem a bit pointless.  [...]

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