5 Eco-Friendly Places in the US

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Care towards the environment is taken very seriously in the US. People travelling to the US are required to meet the best standards of preserving the environment. For those who want to travel to the US and find it difficult to get a VISA, then applying for a green card lottery would do them a big favour. As a visitor, there are various places where you will enjoy eco-friendly environment. This article provides information on five eco-friendly places in the US.

1. The Portland Hawthorne Hostel
This hostel offers exemplary accommodation services to visitors travelling to the US. It holds the Recycle Works Award due to its great contribution towards recycling water. It is located in Portland and has an exceptional eco roof. This eco roof serves a natural purpose to cycle water which it first soaks, then gives it back to the atmosphere through a hydrologic cycle of evaporation and Photosynthesis. Some of the recycled materials that are used include;
• Light bulbs
• Paper
• Glass
• Batteries
• Plastic
• Aluminium
The use of guest left overs as recycling material is important here. They use leftovers from guests such as clothes and books. Green materials that are employed as recycling material are, bamboo floors reprocessed paint recovered glass doors.

2. Hi Hostel
It is located in Washington D.C. It is a hostel that functions on both recycled as well as green products to promote environmental care. Recycling here is done by screening an environmental documentary on monthly basis. They promote environment safety by displaying posters of environment on all guest room doors, peddling eco-friendly lessons. They recycle Glass Cardboard Ink or toner cartridges, Aluminium Batteries and Light bulbs.

3. Q Hotel and Spa
It is found in Kansas City and works to promote eco-friendly philosophy. All the paper used here is made of post replaceable reprocessed paper. It promotes environmental care by providing recycling bins for paper, glass, aluminium and plastic. All unused paper is given to nearby schools, all food leftovers are given to farmers to prepare compost manure.

4. Hedonisia Hawaii
This is a 3.72 acre lodging that offers camping facilities to visitors. There are nine lodgings that offer a diverse selection to travellers in the US. It is located along the beautiful Hawaii Islands. This institution promotes eco-friendly environment, because the accommodation facilities are made of renewable materials. It uses geothermal power plant as a source of power and it uses compost manure for its fabulous gardens. Materials that are used for recycling include cans, plastic, old clothes and scrap metal bottles.

5. The Hostel, in the Forest in Brunswick
This hostel is located in Georgia and is said to recycle 80 percent of waste products from its facilities. The hostel has three rooms, the bunkhouse and 83 huts. It encourages preservation of the environment through;
• The use of green material
• It conserves energy
• 80% of its waste products are recycled
• It uses solar power to pump water to the gardens

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