5 questions to ask an accident helpline before you file a claim

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accident helplineIf you have been in an accident that was not your fault, and you sustained injuries in the accident that were bad enough to need medical attention you may be entitled to make a personal injury compensation claim. Who is the best accident helpline to do this with?  There are some questions you could ask to help you decide.

Do you have experts in the field of injury claims? 

You want whoever handles your case to be an expert in the field of personal injury claims.  You want then to understand the process, all the different aspects that are important to the claim, and a specialist in the area of the particular accident and injuries you have experienced.

If they yes – keep them on the list
If they say no – cross them off
Do you have a 24-hour helpline? 

Although this mine seem a trivial point it can be really important if you need help and advice in the evening or some other ‘out of office’ time.  Accidents are not fussy about what time they happen,  so who knows what time you may need assistance. 

If they yes – they can stay on the list
If they say no – cross them off
Do you claim the special expenses as well? 

Compensation I split into two categories, general compensation and special expenses.  The general compensation is what you are awarded for your injuries.  The special expenses is all the costs and losses you incurred because of the accident and injuries you have sustained, such things as loss of earning, medical expenses and travel costs.

If they say yes – they can still stay on the list
If they so no – cross them of (the list must be getting smaller by now)
Do you want any money to start my claim? 

The no win, no fee agreement is the best basis for your claim.  You take no financial risk at all – you pay no money for the claim to be started and no money if the claim is lost.  This means that personal injury claims are available to all, not just those well off enough to afford litigation.  That is what was intended when the UK government decided to make it law that if you were injured in an accident that was not your fault, the guilty party should compensate you for the suffering they caused.

If they say yes – leave them on what must by now be quite a small list
If they say no – cross them off
Do you act with integrity? 

For a good working relationship you need to be able to trust one another, know that they mean what they say.  You want them to be reliable, dependable and accountable for their actions, and acting with integrity should be the norm.

If they say yes – leave them on the list
If they say no – cross them off 

You cannot have many law firms left on your list now, so the choice should be much easier to make.  Perhaps you should look at their websites to see if there are any recommendations that may help you make your final decision.

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