5 Ways Dumbwaiter Lifts Can Enhance Your Restaurant

Posted on 01. Apr, 2013 by in Hospitality

There are endless ways in which dumbwaiter lifts can enhance your restaurant, the performance of your employees and the satisfaction levels of your guests. These units are far more economical than elevators and yet, they enjoy the same lifespan. They are available in a wide variety of designs and can even be installed entirely in stainless steel, allowing for swift and thorough cleanings. Following are just five of the many ways that these units can improve your operations.

Keeping Client Walkways Safe

When there are no specific mediums for transporting work-related items, these things can crowd and clutter the spaces that your customers use. Not only is this inconvenient, it is also an eyesore and will detract from the overall atmosphere that you seek to supply. More importantly, the transport of certain materials through common areas is unsafe. With dumbwaiters, you can keep all of these things out of the line of site while reducing the likelihood of many unnecessary and potentially costly injuries.

Improving Workplace Sanitation and Health

Not all dumbwaiter lifts in restaurants are used to move edible items. There are many materials, tools and substances that must be transported through these environments, which may contain harmful organisms. These tools are the ideal ways to send soiled linens and other like items out of the cooking and serving environment.

Keeping Your Workforce Productive

Employee productivity rates can stay at optimal levels with the added convenience of dumbwaiter lifts. Workers do not have to routinely leave their stations in order to send and retrieve items. Many different companies have their own specific systems for keeping productivity levels high. These systems only work, however, when employees have the proper tools and equipment for a steady flow of labour. In addition to keeping servers and other employees in their respective stations, these fast and convenient methods of transport will also reduce employee injuries significantly.

Reducing Waste

Although one of your highest priorities is to keep you staff and your clients free of injury, choosing to use dumbwaiters to transport materials is also a great way to prevent spills. These vessels eliminate the need to carry heavy or awkward items long distances. Thus, it becomes far easier to send liquids and other heated items from place to place, without hazard or property damage or loss.

Amazing Flexibility

There is such a vast range of options in dumbwaiter lift designs, that it is possible for every business to find designs that are optimally suited to their individual needs.

Buyers can choose automated loading and unloading systems, power controlled switches, tower structures that provide an extra measure of support, various options in control circuitry and guardrail types and more. In fact, it is even possible to choose options that help to enhance the visual aesthetics of work areas or any other locations that these might be situated in.

It is also important to note that dumb waiters are far more economical and environmentally friendly than elevators. With dumbwaiter lifts in your restaurant, you can reserve your elevators for your customers. You can keep your establishment clean and attractive and your workforce in a happy and optimally productive state.

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