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While traveling can seem like an extra expense that must be forgotten in the current economic climate, the most dedicated travellers are not willing to give up their passion. Those of us who are not ready to pack their suitcases and bags in the closet for an indefinite period are posed this question: “How to travel cheap? “. Think and try cheaper methods for the cruise travel as the “couch -surfing” or day trips .You save money by selecting a cheaper holiday, and the best? You will come back with much more memory than if you just stick to your habits. So let us see how to travel cheap and still enjoy the best stay possible. How to travel cheap? - My 7 Tips

Travel cheap with Couch- Surfing
The Couch- Surfing is an unconventional way to find a cheap accommodation or even free wherever you go. This is simply to sleep in the living , on a couch or in a spare bedroom .One of the most popular networks Couch -surfing is CouchSurfing.org , on which members organize ” stays sofa ” with other travelers.Sleeping in a stranger’s house naturally raises security issues, but certainly a good host will have many positive testimonials of visitors who preceded you .In addition, CouchSurfing.com has developed a number of guarantees to its users: for example, the site has a verification process for guests for a host to confirm he or she is an actual resident of the community , the host must enter a special code online after receiving the code by mail. While couch surfing is generally a safe way to travel, nothing is foolproof.Obviously, having a taste for adventure is more to enjoy such an experience. If you do not feel comfortable sleeping in the house of a stranger, do not do it! ;)

How to travel cheaper: off-season
Although the peak season, you could get away to fabulous destinations, and enjoy an exceptional climate, it is also possible to choose from off-season. Travel off-season has the main advantage of offering more attractive prices .While in some cases, the cost of transport remains fixed even slightly higher off-season; you can sleep, eat and entertain you for much lower costs for an equivalent service. Nothing prevents you either to provide a long stay off-season, and enjoy another advantage: many fewer tourists, so you can visit the monuments and local points of interest without suffering long queues for get your tickets .Plan ahead to make the most of your break in low season. Eventually, give yourself a good guide and call the places you wish to visit in advance to make sure they are open. Prepare clothing suitable to the place and the season

You also say that your trip off-season will be very different from a trip in the season, if you had fallen in love with a previous destination, you might want to take a different look at it, and go in low season you actually allows this. For example, from the spring in New England will probably not allow you to ski, but you can still taste the local dishes, and visit charming places without stifling the middle of the crowd of tourists. For travel to Vietnam , you can save money by booking during the rainy season in the September (but take a travel insurance and closely follow the weather ) .So you may find that you prefer to travel during periods called ” hollow ” and enjoy an experience of a very different journey.

Make a day trip

You can turn the most beautiful museum in your city, or book a spa day down the road, but is it really a holiday? A day trip is probably the cheapest to travel to local destinations, even if the price of gasoline is at its peak. Choose a national park, a famous landmark, a city or a historical place that you typed in the eye, or whose history you want. Do some research on the internet around your residence, you will be surprised how many places or attractions may suit you just .To avoid paying an accommodation, leave early in the morning and plan to return later in the evening, so you’ll still have plenty of time to see what you want, even if your destination is a few hours’ drive.

Book a holiday with lots of friends …
Vacation rentals are perhaps the best solution if you are a solo traveller or you like to eat outside. But if your friends are asking you the question as “how to travel cheap?” Then you have a track. If you are traveling with a family or another couple, a rental could apartment save you a lot of money compared to a hotel. Staying in a house with a number of people you will essentially split the costs, and enjoy a holiday with your friends.

For example, on HomeAway.com, we found a villa with ocean views, two bedrooms, two bathrooms, Maui for 4 people: 195 € per night - that’s less than 50 € per person per night if you can find three friends to accompany you. In addition, the purchase of large amounts of food at the grocery store and home cooking instead of eating in restaurants can help you save even more (who does not love a good barbecue?). The downside is that you may have to share a room or across the room in which friends sleep on the sofa bed up to the kitchen … but as they say , the more the merrier !

Organizing a home exchange
If you own a home, swap your home with someone else is a great way to find a nice comfortable, and virtually free for your trip. You can enjoy a very inexpensive living in many different places. If you do not feel comfortable leaving your house to “foreigners”, remember that since this arrangement is a mutual exchange, your partner will surely have the same apprehension toward you and it will probably take great care of your home. More if you check references, chat on the phone or even make an appointment with your exchange partner in person, you will greatly reduce the risk of abandoning your property in the hands of some friendly people.

All inclusive holidays
All-inclusive holidays: for most travellers either we like or you hate them. But here’s a tip for the independent traveller who associate with all inclusive inexpensive buffets and dance competitions hotels try before refusing - especially if your budget is tight. Travel packages often offer a convenient and affordable base to explore a destination, and you are not required to stay with the group or go activities that are available. Much of the travel packages offer the Caribbean and Mexico, which are places of exceptions for adventurous travellers. If you ‘re planning to go diving , surfing , hiking , sailing or just exploring the area, stay in an all- inclusive resort fees could make your trip much less expensive, especially if the water sports equipment rentals are included in the price.

A quick search on Expedia.com shows us a number of all-inclusive resorts in Cabo San Lucas in August from only € 213 per night in a double room (including accommodation, food and unlimited drinks, and even activities such as scuba diving and cooking classes). Want to try the local cuisine, and explore your environment? For about 100 € per person per night , you can probably eat half of your meal in local restaurants , go hiking off-site and still save money compared to a typical hotel stay .

Take a cruise
Given the incredible degree of cost reduction which cruise lines have had to deliver , it may be time to rethink your opinion is on cruises . Booking a cruise allows you significant savings by allowing you to pay for food, accommodation and entertainment in one price. Cruise lines offer regular discounts at standard cab, and this economy has brought with it a multitude of offers cruises. It is not uncommon to see seven-night cruises for less than 500 € per person!

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