A Brief Look at Reception Chairs and Desks

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A Brief Look at Reception Chairs and DesksOverview of Reception Seating

You often hear people saying that each reception has its own style; well this is absolutely correct because when it comes to each industry, every reception has its unique seating style catered to the nature, character, and personality of the business. For perfect seating, you need to take a closer look at the available space for people to move about when they arrive at your office, even before there are any chairs or tables present in the room. Thus, before you can determine just how many people you can accommodate in a single reception area, you must first know how much space each individual needs right down to the leg room and space between chairs.

Generally seven to eight square feet space is required for reception seating and this figure presumes that there aren’t any chairs or tables present so 10 square feet of space is considered as a standard for a single person because you definitely want to provide comfortable seating for your guest. Now that you are aware of the basic space requirement, you can estimate how many people you can comfortably accommodate in a particular room. It’s time to make a good first impression with a pleasant reception setting. Receptions are prominently found in many offices, hospitals, mechanic’s workshop, beauty salon, or anywhere where comfortable seating for guests is required.

There is an extensive range of reception seating as these come in leather, fabric and easy-to-clean vinyl. We will take a look at some of the popular products.

Steelworks Leather Guest Chair 

This a great product for the reception area as you can enjoy its impressive look and feel the comfort of real leather.  Most importantly, both these luxuries come at a really affordable price. We all know that there isn’t any replacement needed for leather, so this is a perfect fit for places with high traffic reception rooms. All its manufacturing components are above the defined furniture standards, and there is also a 5-year warranty with it.

Heavy-Duty Reception Room Series

This series is specially designed for the busiest gathering areas. One has the option to choose from wide range of coverings which includes vinyl, standard fabrics or vinyls. These chairs are very flexible thanks to its versatile modular system.

Salon reception desk

A welcoming reception is really necessary for the promotion of excellent relations because it defines the design of whole office and conveys an awesome sense of appreciation for the visitor. As the name suggests a salon reception desk is the first thing that a visitor or guest will see, and you definitely want to make a good first impression here. Many believe that visitors perceive the conference room and reception station as a good way to evaluate a company standard.  This means a reception desk is of great importance to your business and you cannot afford to buy whatever you come across first on a whim because it’s unique and elegant design will attract more people.

You can choose from an extensive collection of reception counters, including laminate desks, real wood desks, curved reception desks and attractive glass top reception desks. The designs of these desks are really versatile, and as you know versatility always make a good impression.

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