A Woman’s Secret Weapon – Longer Looking Lashes

Posted on 16. Jan, 2013 by in Beauty

lash extensions

There are many tools you can use to help create professional looking results in eye lash application to achieve longer length lashes. It really comes down to testing out various different products to find out which ones work best for you. Some women prefer to use mascaras, some buy into salon treatments like lash dying, but perhaps the most trusted methods for fuller lashes are false eye lashes which are sold in just about every high street beauty counter. False eye lashes are great for quick results or occasion make-up as they are easy to apply and harmless to remove at the end of the day. However if you’re completely new to wearing false lashes you may find a video tutorial to be useful, like this one from Total Beauty.

But there has since been a new advanced means of getting longer lasting results, cue eyelash extensions or inserts as they are otherwise known. Eyelash extensions can add volume and impact to a minimal or a glamorous look depending on the desired effect and can generally last up to 3 weeks.

A common question make-up artists and beauticians get asked about this product is how long do they last? There is no simple answer to this unfortunately as there are lots of factors which affect the lasting effect. These include:

~ Lifestyle choices - Do you go swimming often? Do you get facial treatments done a lot? Even the way you sleep on a pillow can affect the adhesive on lash inserts, so be especially careful when coming into frequent contact with water.

~ Eyelash growth - Everybody’s DNA is different to the next. Some people’s lashes grow a lot more rapidly than others therefore shedding is more likely to happen. As a result of this, eyelash extensions would have to be replaced sooner as these are attached to your natural lashes.

~ Aftercare of extensions -Things to avoid are oily cosmetics and regular touching of the lashes. Only use specialist cosmetics such as primers and serums which are designed to be used in conjunction with eyelash extensions.

~ Research a qualified technician - The most important element to achieving subtle results is the initial application of the lashes. Do your homework, read reviews online and ask friends who may have had their eyelashes done before for advice on who to book in with for a consultation. Usually the level of experience a technician has can be judged from the quality of products they use and the precision they exercise when applying their extensions to your real lashes. An example of a decent stockist is Lara Lashes Online. As stated in the brand name, all of her products can be purchased online, and are of the highest quality for professional use. A good technician will usually have eyelash extensions of various lengths to hand so you can choose your preferred style.

As far as the use of eyelash extensions go, they are often used on fashion models during photo shoots for magazine editorials and cosmetic ad campaigns as they help give the illusion of fuller, natural looking lashes on camera. As with all beauty advertisements, these are usually airbrushed to give the idea of a perfect result, but nine times out of ten women will say that they use lash inserts to add that extra little touch of glamour to their everyday look. Still unsure about whether or not you would like to try out eyelash extensions? Read on to find out some of the pros and cons here.


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