Alluring Lingerie

Posted on 04. Mar, 2013 by in Fashion, Lifestyle

As women, feeling sexy makes us more confident and builds our self esteem. If your underwear fits you perfectly, if it’s comfortable and makes you feel great, it’s worth it. However, it’s sometimes hard to find underwear that suits us.

lingerieGenerally speaking, most people know they must get measured but have neither the energy nor the time. Being measured is the secret to finding the best lingerie for you and your body - magazines such as Cosmopolitan post about the best places to go.

Underwear that rubs and digs in doesn’t make you feel sexy or incredible, but underwear that you can’t feel does. It gives the secret feeling like you’re not wearing anything when you are.

Nowadays there are so many different styles on the market, so many shops and so many colours, it’s hard to pick just one. Most of us don’t have time to walk around town all day trying on hundreds of garments that take our fancy, so how do we get what we want without spending hours trying to find it?

It is thought that, the more expensive the lingerie the better the quality, but this isn’t necessarily true. With the economy how it is we can’t all afford to spend hundreds of pounds on designer lingerie and nightwear. On the market today you have designers such as Hugo Boss, Elle McPherson, and Stella McCartney whose designs all come with hefty price tags - so can we really find the designer underwear we are looking for without breaking the bank?

Online you can’t judge the quality as well as you would if you were trying on the garments. There are now a wide range of online lingerie websites that offer the option of designer lingerie at a lower price without compromising on quality. Caroline Randell is a well known online lingerie shop which is also known for providing guidance on fittings and even a page for your other half to read so he knows exactly what he’s doing when buying for you.

You can find bargain designer wear if you do the research. So if you’re feeling down and not as sexy, kick those shoes off, sit on the sofa and do some shopping.

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