Alternative Invite Ideas

Posted on 08. Aug, 2012 by in Family

A good example of a postcard invite, it looks just like the real thing!

If you’re planning a special event, whether it’s a birthday party, an anniversary do or a Halloween shindig; a great invite is the first step to making it a success. If you send a poorly thought out and badly designed invite, or just a boring one; people aren’t going to be inspired to come and check out your do – you need to be a bit more creative!

I will be discussing some fantastic ideas for invites, so read on and find out how to make your party a great success!

Formal Invites

Using high quality linen paper and calligraphy is a great way to invite people to a formal gathering, or alternatively this technique can be used as part of a themed party. With flowing handwriting, fancy edging and other top notch additions you can really make an impression on your guests. For added marks add a wax seal to the envelope!


Try finding a postcard that fits the theme of the party you are throwing, and you will have a really different and interesting way of inviting your guests. For a New Year’s Eve party try using a picture of the ball dropping in Times Square, or if you’re having a 60s theme make sure the postcard is groovy enough! If you can, perhaps you could even use a postcard with a picture of the place you are having your party?

Bottles of Wine

There is the opportunity for you to even put your party details on a label, and then send your guests a bottle of wine. As you can imagine, this is a very popular way to be invited to a party!

Video Invites

A lesser known method of inviting people is by creating a video invite. There are many video editing software programs available to home users, and they enable you to add video, images, music and text together in order to create just what you need. Bear in mind the number of invites you will need, as burning 100s of DVDs at home is not a fun task, and sometimes the duplication of DVDs is much better suited to professional companies, so check if there are any in your local area.

My mother-in-law recently made a video invite for her Silver wedding anniversary, with old photographs and video interspersed with music from when she met her future husband. Just make sure you provide all of the necessary details that people need to know in order to get to you!

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