Any good ideas for themes of a beauty salon?

Question by Jenni T: Any good ideas for themes of a beauty salon?
I plan on opening a beauty salon soon. I want it to be very unique and have a cool theme. Can you think of any themes? What is something you wish to see at a beauty salon? Anything and everything helps helps!

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Answer by Hannah M
Ancient Greece, so all goddess type stuff.

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  1. pppersephone06 says:

    Curl Up and Dye.

    Kidding…how about a tropical spa theme?

  2. ‹(•¿•)› Kick me!! says:

    I love the tropical scene, it makes you feel so warm and happy.

    I have seen those sort of stores when I travel, never a spot when I want to get my hair done. Gotta wait about a week :(

  3. caitiebear2 says:

    A beach theme would be really cool. A like “superstar” theme. With spotlights, and cool things like that.

    OR…Black and White. That would be REALLY cool . Like almost everything black and white would look so chrisp, clean, and amazing!

    Or to be really wack..:P…like Greek theme, with long drapey curtains, and pillars…

  4. Savannah K says:

    Well my salon has a jungle-y type theme.It is painted a dark red and everything is zebra print or cheetah print. All over there are little animal statues. Its a great environment and its really cute and imaginative.

  5. Sarasometimes says:

    That would depend on the clientele you wish to attract. I personally prefer a salon that is obviously CLEAN. With a warm feel from nice woodwork and furnishings. Uncluttered stations with comfortable chairs and shampoo techs that give a great firm scalp massage including a brief massage of my neck. If you start every service with a great shampoo the rest is easy. The shampoo sets the tone for the visit. Now obviously that shampoo may be at the end, but it still needs to be fantastic. I use to do hair and learned early on that my goal at the sink was to put that client almost to sleep. I got complements such as ” The best shampoo i every got from middle aged clients”. The only thing that can mess up a great shampoo and cut is a poor front desk. Start the appointment and end the appointment with pleasant and attentive desk people. I know one shop that doesn’t take calls at the check in/out area so the client standing there is given the priority tey deserve. With computerized booking it is easy. Sorry for spouting off and good luck.

  6. Angela G says:

    you could make a plka dot theme or a tropilcal theme or a bech one or like your on a cruise ship or a under the sea theme and have relaxing music and coupons so people will come or rainbows
    any other questions email me at angelaboogrynkiewicz

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