Arabian nights: Moroccan inspiration for the home

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After a recent trip to Morocco, I decided to totally transform my house in a chilled Casbah-esqe Moroccan dream and generally make my life more Moroccan as a whole.
I wanted my home to be cinnamon scented, filled with radiant colours like the stunning blues of the Marjorrel gardens in the capital city, Marrakesh and decorated with hand crafted intricate ornaments like I’d seen in the many maze like soukkes in the city.
As soon as I got on the plane I instantly regretted not buying more Moroccan treats to keep away the holiday blues but thankfully I nabbed quite a few for my new plans for my house and cosmetics and sweets too.
I brought home an array of Moroccan treasures including argan oil.  Argan oil can be used for cosmetic purposes or in culinary delights.  It has quite a hazel nutty taste and is good to dip brioche style bread into.  The argan oil for cosmetic use is often referred to as liquid gold.  It’s great for skin blemishes and for making your hair grow more.  I have to say I’ve noticed the difference already.   The argan oil trend is currently taking of in the UK but here its very expensive and isn’t as good quality.  In the UK you often find mixtures instead of the pure oil and a small amount can cost as much as a tenner at good beauty retailers.
As well as the argan oil, I bought some beautiful lamps which throw intricate patterns around the room thanks to the exquisitely cut out shapes in the brass lamps.  They were quite expensive but it was all made by local artisans and you could really tell that these items were hand made and not cheaply manufactured. I thought they’d look stunning in the lounge as it would create a mood enhancing light which would create feelings of relaxation.
As well as the lamps I brought some rich silk scarves which I think will look absolutely delightful draped over the cream sofas.   Not only will they protect the sofas, but also brighten up the currently dull and lifeless lounge with shocks of rich fuchsia pinks, Moroccan blues and vivid greens.
Unluckily , the mosaic tile panels I planned to use in the bathroom cracked on the journey over, so I’ve had to source some mosaic tiles locally to jazz up my bathroom and kitchen.  Luckily, though they weren’t quite as authentic as my Moroccan tiler artist,  the tile retailer in town, sold a wide selection of  bathroom tiles I could pick from and imitate the beautiful Moroccan tiling style.  I opted for the stunning blue shade which I though brightened my bathroom and emulated the vibe of Marrakesh.
I’ve also taken to the Moroccan cuisine.  It’s super healthy and bursting with flavour.  Their famous dish Tagine is also cooked in one pot which makes it incredibly easy to make too.
Might have to make a second trip back though, the Argan oil is running low already  and I have a craving for baklava like nobody’s business


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