Are There Limits as to What Accident Lawyers Will Cover?

Posted on 09. Jan, 2014 by in Law

Accidents do happen, unfortunately daily on our roads. Drunkenness and recklessness are the main causes of road car accidents. Most often, you are left at a loss when an accident happens, especially if either or both of you were uninsured. This is the time you need a car accident lawyer to take over your case professionally. You are then assured that your losses will be compensated. You now have ample time to recover from the shock and the accident injuries.

Deciding to handle your case alone may put you at a disadvantage; with costs you can avoid. The insurance company may take that chance for a quick out-of-the court settlement which may not sufficiently compensate your injuries. If you have been involved in a serious car accident with serious injuries, deaths or disability; you then need legal representation in court. Hesitate not and contact an accident lawyer as soon as possible. Timing means the difference between success and failure of your case. The sooner is always the better.

What will an accident lawyer cover?

Every insurance company has its policy and coverage limits. This greatly determines what can be compensated and what cases the lawyers are willing to cover. The insurance companies will definitely not compensate for damages and injuries not covered in your policy. It is then important to have a comprehensive cover. Most lawyers will cover a wide range of damages cases. Each case is different though, and needs different compensation procedures. However, do not expect a fast settlement if you decide to handle your case in court, as compared with the out of court settlement. Get a skilled lawyer who is specialized and experienced in accident cases.

Personal injury protection (PIP)

Most accident lawyers will handle and fight out your case in court for personal injuries. This involves damages that happen due to the negligence of the other driver. The worth at which the personal injuries can be compensated for depends on the severity of the accident injuries and the insurance company. That is why it is safer to hire an accident lawyer to fight for your rights. Hire a lawyer as soon as possible after the accident to ensure that no evidence is lost.

Delaying too much can invalidate your claim. Body injury, impairments, disfigurement and disability are also handled under personal injury cases. You can also get wrong full death, paralysis, burns and scarring compensations under this. Lawyers often do not cover pain and suffering damages cases as they are hard to prove in court.

Medical bills

Depending on your coverage policy, the insurance companies will often only pay for medical bill if medical care was sought within 14 days of the accident. However, an accident lawyer will help you claim for past as well as future medical bills. The lawyer will help you prove it is reasonable and necessary. The future medical awards are solely decided by the jury depending on the victim’s health condition during the trial.

Lost earning capacity and lost wages

Under special cases, an accident lawyer may help you to get compensation for lost earning capacity. This happens especially in serious injuries after the accident, when the victim is rendered incapable of engaging in future income earning activities due to the accident injuries. Lost wages are compensated for the past income the victim might have earned.

Property damages

Property damage during an accident is unavoidable. Most often, cars are damaged and irreparable. Most lawyers, though not all will not cover the property damages compensation cases. This is because; they are difficult to win in court. You will be needed to prove that you were not at fault. The insurance policy too may not be offering that under your insurance cover policy. If the defendant was uninsured, you can go ahead and claim for compensation. If the defendant was uninsured, you can get claims from your insured motorist property damage insurance.

Sometimes a lawyer may cover your car for punitive damages. This is if the defendant’s actions were malicious. This serves to punish the defendant and avoid the occurrence of similar actions in future. The accident lawyers will also cover your case if there is a dispute with the other driver on who is at fault. The lawyer needs to provide evidence in court that you are not at fault and go ahead and claim for your damages compensation.

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