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Audi A4 is a brilliant piece of engineering from Audi. It is a compact executive car and is based on Volkswagen’s B Platform. It has been around since 1994 and has spanned 4 generations. The current version has a engine in front and transmission mounted at the rear of the engine. Car is a front wheel drive except for the Quattro version which is a 4 wheel drive. It is available in the market both as a sedan as well as a wagon. It is built on the Audi Modular Longitudinal Platform, also used for the A5 coupe. The current version has undergone some engineering changes to improve handling by re adjusting the weight of the car. It comes in 4 versions Sedan, Avant, Quattro and A4L for the Chinese market. The various versions are available both in petrol and diesel with somewhat different specifications. Now let’s talk some features and numbers:-


Body Style & Design

The body line is a classic saloon which gives it an angelic appearance. It has a long wheelbase hence providing ample has a large luggage capacity and a weight of just over 1.4 tons. With a wheelbase of over 2808 mm it provides one of the most spacious rides in this car segment.

Petrol Engines

The petrol engines have TFSI technology which is combination of direct injection and turbocharging. It is a very fuel efficient system. It also uses FSi with superchargers. The 1.8L TFSI has an output of 125 kW and a torque of 320 Nm. It is a technical marvel when it comes to thermal and fuel efficiency.

Diesel Engine

The diesel engines namely 2.0 and 3.0 TDI with 135 and 180 kW of power respectively feature a common rail injection technology and a diesel particulate filter. It is fuel efficient, economical and also features Audi’s start-stop system and recuperation.


It uses a seven speed dual clutch S tronic transmission except for the A4L which has a 8 multitronic variable/manual transmission which provide the car with a seamless gearshift .It also has a six speed manual in some lower end models.


The petrol cars come with a 1798-3197 CC engine providing (118 hp and 230 N.m of torque at 1500-3650 rpm) and (328hp and 440 N.m at 2900-5300 rpm) respectively and for diesel 1968-2967 CC providing(118 hp and 290 N.m of torque at 1750-2500 rpm) and (237 hp and 500 N.m of torque at 1500-3000 rpm) respectively.

The quattro uses the latest Torsen differential which helps it mimic the drive of a rear wheel drive car. The fuel pressure is 1600 bars and mixed injection is used. Making the car powerful and great in handling.


It has a electromechanical power steering for excellent handling. Quattro because of it’s four wheel drive gives great cornering and handling experience.(0-62) mph takes 10.5 and 10.7 seconds in the slowest petrol and diesel model respectively whereas the high end models can achieve it in an unbelievable 6 and 6.1 seconds respectively. Top speed for the low end petrol and diesel is 130 mph and 127 mph respectively whereas the higher end versions like quattro sports can attain 155 mph which is limited for the car safety.


It has a five star Euro NCAP rating based on the rigorous crash tests performed. It also comes with airbags and systems like ABS to keep you safe on the road. It has passed all the security clearances necessary.

Equipment & Technology

-Start stop system 

Used by the A4 helps reduce fuel consumption as it switched the engine shut when vehicle is still and as soon as you take your legs off the brake or pull the clutch engine starts again instantaneously without a hiccup.

-Xenon Plus Headlights

These not only look brilliant but also save energy as they feature a homogeneous LED daytime light strip


Another stroke of genius by Audi this magical piece of technology allows the car to reuse the energy lost by car during braking to assist in generating subsequent acceleration.

-Audi Drive Select efficiency Mode

This brilliant piece of technology improves consumption value and gives balanced driving experience.

The car also features a display which provides every information about the car like GPS, Brake wear, Clock, Speeds and so on among other gadgets. This all almost seems like wizardry. Dashboard provides with everything you need to know and the chrome trimmed interiors make you feel like a jet pilot in a cockpit with every switch and button at your command. It comes with a intelligent automatic air conditioning, airbags, finely crafted elegant leather seats and everything that you expect from a great car. It has a multimedia interface and an electronic handbrake. Other features include cruise control, auto assist, advanced key, a great sound system, gps, advanced parking system, adaptive headlights, gps and reversing camera to name a few which would make it a dream car for any person. There is also a sports model out there for the motorsport enthusiast whose V6 gives you 245 kW of power. So there is an A4 for everyone.

You can buy the A4 in different looks based on the model starting from 32-48 thousand dollars with wide variety of colors and accessories to choose from. A4 is the economical feature filled sedan you’ve been waiting for. To enjoy these exclusive features of Audi A4 you should have a valid driver’s licence, if not then book your driving test now.

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