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 In case you get the contact lenses through the doctor, these can be very expensive. Because of this people now prefer to purchase contact lenses online but just because you are buying online it does not mean that you would be saving money. Choice and cost are two main advantages of buying lenses online. But too much choice is also problematic as it causes confusion.

Few things that you should ask yourself prior to ordering online, as even online prices differ as you have the option of using Lenskart coupons for higher discounts.

  1. Is the website reputable?
  2. Does it appear professional?
  1. Does it contain unique and useful contents concerning eye care products and contact lenses?
  2. Check for VeriSign Logo and find out if they are qualified.
  3. When were your eyes tested last?
  4. How is the customer care service?
  5. Does the company have refund policy?
  6. Are they cooperative?
  7. Have prices been compared by you?
  8. Has company provided detailed description of product and advice on various types of contact lenses?
  9. Have prices been compared?
  10. Are they offering competitive price?

In order to get best deal for contact lenses you have to be familiar with some inside secrets.

Secret 1: Enquire whether cheap contact lenses are actually been sold

Companies selling contact lenses online offer discounts when compared to those provided by doctor. No specific company can be named for selling all contact lenses cheaper than retailers because companies have their best offers for various brands of contact lenses. At the time of getting prescription, you should compare the cost of your lenses at many other retailers to get the best deal.

Secret 2: Check shipping charges

You have to find out shipping charges carefully as these vary from company to company. Few retailers deliberately charge less on contact lenses but have astronomically high shipping charges. There are some retailers who offer free shipping on all orders but their costs are well than the others. It is advisable to buy from companies that provide free shipping on large orders. For availing this facility you should buy many boxes at the same time.

Secret 3: Further discounts could be available

Some companies go to extent of offering additional rebates or discounts on your purchase of supply for one year. You will be charged lowest rates if you can buy that much. There are companies offering lowest cost per box provided you buy at least 8 boxes and also provide rebate.

Secret 4: Find Out Delivery schedule

The retailer should be able to ship the contacts within few days of placing order. Such information must be stated clearly along with shipping charges and various conditions. Bigger companies normally perform better in this field because they maintain bigger stocks of lenses.

Secret 5: Check out the availability of coupons

You must check out the availability of latest Lenskart coupon code so that you can get a higher discount than what is shown on the website.

Secret 5: Read reviews on the retailer

You should read reviews of other customers who have already bought contacts from particular company. There are websites who compare various retailers for customers and provide unbiased reviews which can be of great help to you.

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