Basics of Clearing Practitioner Exam for Project Management

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onlineThe project management framework, Prince2, is standardised across several sectors and companies in the UK. To provide the best practice for project managers, it follows a comprehensive methodology followed by a practitioner exam. If you are looking for tips to clear the exam, here you will get a few tips that will help you build your basics and perform well in the exam.

· There are many training courses available in the market with some popular ones including prince2 practitioner training course. This course covers a practical application of the methodology for real-time solutions to project management needs. Along with this, the main focus of the training course is towards the practitioner exam, so getting a training makes an essential basic component of preparing for the exam.

· Knowledge of the format of the exam: The practitioner exam sounds to be familiar with the foundation exam, but the pattern isn’t the same for both. Instead, the practitioner exam is about the duration of 2.5 hours and contains objective-testing through multiple choice questions. Also, this exam is an open book exam, where you are allowed to take on the official notebook of the Prince2 with you in the exam hall and use it to solve your question paper in the exam.

· Use examples for understanding: The Prince2 method is focused to train professionals for applying it in real-life situations, so this testing reflects the potential of a candidate in handling such situations. So, to prepare for such an exam, you should read case studies and also think about your lifetime experiences to learn and revise some lessons for the exam.

· Note down key Learning points: After having finished with your preparation, you should revise all the material quickly, so as to re-assure that you don’t forget anything at the last moment. Thus, you must develop a habit of creating quick and easy notes with important points that can be referred to for a quick revision at the last moment. While writing quick learning points, you are able to grasp the content quickly and learn easily, where these notes help you in recalling all the concepts learned during the preparation to avoid forgetting any important point during the exam.

· Read the manual: As mentioned in one of the above points, the Prince2 exam is an open book exam and every candidate is allowed to take the manual along with in the exam hall. So, you can refer the manual for any type of information that might be helpful for you in solving your question paper. But the manual is quite lengthy, so a lack of knowledge of its contents will leave you helpless, while searching for the desired information. Thus, you should study the manual thoroughly and multiple times, so that you can reduce the time required to find a relative information and hence, dedicate more time to other questions in the exam.

So, if you are looking for the best method to start your preparation for the prince2 practitioner exam, you need to begin with the basics of the exam and then collect relevant study material for preparation. Following the above tips will help you build your base and clear the exam easily.

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