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Choosing Bristol SEO CompanyMy brother has started a new Quick business in the last year and he asked me at our family Christmas dinner “Hey Dave, I am having trouble designing a business card for my company, can you help me out?” Of course I agreed. I have alot of experience with the creation of business cards and use them as one of my main outlets for advertising to the public. But my story aside this got me thinking…

With the whole online search engine advert campaigns, perhaps our current generation has forgotten the power of a simple business card. How one little rectangle piece of card can spread the word of your business like wildfire. My mother always said: “Always choose quality over quantity” and I think that stuck with me through life. A quality business card given to the right person is a much better advert than a click from an unknown person on a computer. Especially when on a computer…anyone who clicks on your company website can just as quickly click to close it. The money you spend goes towards clicks and views, in which a very high percentage do not turn into anything other than the click. But you still pay the money for the online advertisement campaign regardless of whether they just click on it for 2 seconds or 20 minutes. However a business card will not only leave them with a lasting memory but also a face to face smile with the business itself. It becomes something tangible. This is vital for pushing your business in a way that is real and satisfactory.

I will reveal my 3 step process which I use to educate everyone out there on how to design the perfect business card from design to printing for your company and explain to you why a business card is quite possibly the missing piece in your puzzle that can push your company to the next level in both advertisement and sales. So what exactly makes a successful business card and how would you go about creating one?
Once you complete these 3 steps I advise to you, you will have all the means of an excellent business advertisement.

#1 - Design

The first important advice I must give you is that having an eye-catching and successful business card is imperative to a successful business. The keyword here being eye catching You can be as simple as you like with the design but if it doesn’t attract customers and clients it is unsuccessful. You must have an inner creative vision on what you want the business card to look like and always remember that personal touch is the selling  point. You also need to keep it simple, professional and uncluttered. In terms of words…A logo/name, Motto and contact information is all you need. Anything more is clutter. Your design should be simple enough not to clutter the card but also must be fascinating enough to rope in the client to wonder more.

#2 - Quality

Now that you have the basic design of your card. You need to ensure that the card is of high quality material and printing. This is where a website such as Vistaprint who has quality set as their guaranteed standard and if they didn’t, would never be as successful as they are. Vistaprint is the company I recommend to anyone who wants business cards, the reason I choose Vistaprint over all the others is because they have been there and done it all.

It is a business run by professionals and the company has experience in both printing as well as running in successful business campaigns.

The tools available on their website are the basic foundations to help you make the card design a successful one. Vistaprint is known for their cheap prices and regular discount offers. In order to get the best deal visit a coupon site such as which offers the latest deals (new customers currently get 50% off). This is marketing genius, the money you save can be used elsewhere or to order even more of them…which brings me to my next point.

#3 - Once you have the quality…then up the quantity

The third step is create enough of them to get the word out. If you want to spread your business through word of mouth then printing only 100 business cards is nowhere near enough and you will be surprised at how quickly you run out. I would recommend at least 500 if your business is up and running. If you are just starting then a minimum of 250 allows for a good base until you analyse how popular your business is growing. To run out of business cards and have potential clients not pick up a card is a missed opportunity and that is one mistake any company cannot afford to make.

Once you complete these 3 steps in the same order I have written, You should have a high quality, attractive and professional business card that is ready to be unleashed upon the public. Even if a potential customer doesn’t want the service straight away. The business card keeps your details with them for when they do need it.. When your company does have a successful client the importance of giving a the client a business card at the end of the deal is important to spread the word. Of course there are other ways of marketing your business but the business card remains a cheap and successful option which finds itself expanding through word of mouth. Customers and clients who keep a business card after a successful encounter are more likely to not only come back, but to recommend the business to close family and friends. This is marketing gold as potential clients and customers are more likely to go the whole way and use the business if they know a pleasant experience. In comparison to an online marketing campaign such as Google. The online campaign can create a lot of traffic to a website but the traffic can leave just as fast as there is no sentimental value in it. That hidden satisfaction that a client knows someone who has used the business is a far better persuasion than bringing random people to a website in hope that what you have is what they need.

Even in the world today you cannot reject the successes of an offline business card. That pile of business cards you see every time you go into someone’s office, when you have a great experience with a business and that person hands you their business card. Its hard not to take the business card in your hand seriously knowing that you have already met this person and it is not just one name out of 7 billion on the internet. Do not underestimate the value of a printed business card, and make your business card the solid foundation in which your business will continue to expand and grow on.

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