Birmingham players to travel to Wembley without Cup final suit!

Birmingham players to travel to Wembley without Cup final suit!
Arsenal Birmingham City Birmingham City players head to Wembley on Sunday without a suit for the Carling Cup final! The Daily Mail says tradition dictates that Cup finalists take a pre-match stroll across the Wembley turf in specially tailored suits, and Birmingham had struck a deal with retailers Harvey Nichols for £9,000-worth of outfits for players and managerial staff. But a mix-up over the …

Private jet travel rebounds as rich splash out for privacy
( FT ) — Private jet travel, shunned in the recession as a sign of ostentation, is recovering in a further sign that the world’s richest people are spending more freely again.
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Tracing Signals In The Brain
In the traditional view of how signals travel in the brain, a portion of a neuron known as a dendrite acts as an input for stimuli, while the neuron’s axon serves as a signal output. Nelson Spruston, author of an article in the journal Nature Neuroscience , says that the reality may be more complicated.
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Travel not recommended in SE Wisconsin
MADISON - The Wisconsin Department of Transportation along with the State Patrol is advising motorists to not travel unless absolutely necessary as the winter storm continues into the evening hours on Monday. A mixture of precipitation this morning, along with high winds, continues to make travel hazardous across the state. More intensive snowfall is expected near Lake Michigan, particularly in …
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