Body Shape and Clothing

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One of the most important factors to consider when picking the right type of clothing is body shape. Just because something looks wonderful on a friend or celebrity does not mean that it is going to look great on you. What elements should we consider when picking out clothing?
Your breast size can really make or break how you look in a top. If you are ample, try a shirt that shows a little cleavage. If you don’t want to hang out of your clothing, try a stylish wrap. Failing that a breast augmentation is something many hundreds of thousands of women have undergone in the name of improving or increasing their breast size and shape.
Round Shape
Choose clothing with vertical stripes. It will give the positive illusion of being taller and much thinner. Avoid horizontal stripes since they have the opposite effect. You can also buy body shaping undergarments that help reduce the roundness.
Lacking Curves
You should consider wearing bra insets or a push up bra.Try to avoid tight jeans since they make your stomach spill out and give the “muffin” effect.
Broad Shoulders
Long sleeves generally look great if you have broad shoulders as well as hip length shirts. They show off your hips and even out your torso. It can be difficult to determine what looks good on people with a broad shape. You can look great in shorts sleeves as long as they are cut correctly. A cut with a bit of angle works best. Tube tops can be tricky but usually can be pulled off with a long skirt.
Of course, knowing your body shape does not eliminate the possibility of changing your shape through conventional diet and exercise. You could always go drastic and opt for plastic surgery but whatever your shape you should make the most of it. Whatever your shape, there are ways to dress that flatter your height, weight, and broadness.
If this is one route you are considering going down then you might want to consider the latest in body contouring

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