Breast Implants slowing the flow of Milk for Breastfeeding?

Question by Jessica F: Breast Implants slowing the flow of Milk for Breastfeeding?
I am trying to breastfeed my baby and I am barely getting any milk. I did get breast implants 2 years ago and I am wondering if anyone who has had implants has had a slower flow of milk come in to breastfeed? I read about implants and breastfeeding and it sounds like that is the problem, but I really want to know if anyone else has had this problem? Thank you!

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Bet ya didn’t see that coming…..

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  1. Precious says:

    I know three people with breast implants who all breastfed with no problems. Talk to your doctors.

  2. Jennifer M~ Got the Giggles says:

    Consult a Lactation specialist. How old is your baby? It took me 3-4 days for my milk to come in. Even then, it is hard to tell how much milk you are actually producing.

  3. Ellen says:

    It may not be the *implants*, but the surgery that is the problem. If breast tissue was altered, and ducts and/or nerves cut, that might be the problem. If the nipple was surgically removed and then replaced, that could be a big problem. But it could also be breastfeeding mechanics. Did your baby go to breast early (an hour or two within birth) and often (every 2-3 hours round the clock)? Did you supplement fairly large (1-2 oz) amounts early? That would cause reduced stimulation to the breast.

    Anyone who has had any kind of previous breast surgery has a risk for difficulty with breastfeeding. I suggest you contact an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant or experienced La Leche League leader for help.

  4. humanistheart says:

    There are a lot of other explanations. For example, how long have you been nursing? If it’s just been a few days, you probably only have colostrum still, not actual milk. And some women do have problems establishing a healthy supply, so go to a dr or lactation consultant. You know oddly enough, if you drink milk it helps your own milk production. Don’t know why.

    Oh, and the first poster was a moron and a jerk.

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