Bridezilla No More!

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Everyone is all too aware that the bride can get a little crazy with the wedding planning and the pressure of having everything ready for the big day! You as a bridesmaid must step up and shake the bridezilla out of the bride! Even if you are not maid of honour it is important that all the bridesmaids’ including in the wedding party have an equal share of things to do that will aid the wedding and help out the bride. After all, it is her big day, and reducing her stress as much as possible should be the bridesmaids’ main goal!

Break it down –

First of all think about all the responsibilities that need to be shared, write them in a list and begin to share them out amongst each other. This will include the hen party, the bridal shower, bridesmaid dresses, getting families together and so on. This way each person has a clear one or two responsibilities to look after making the whole planning more manageable!

The hen party is one of the biggest events apart from the wedding itself that will take place. It is the last night as your favourite bride being a bachelorette, and it must be a night/weekend to remember! Plan the date well in advance and ensure that everyone who must be there such as the mother of the bride and mother of the groom will all be able to make it. If you fancy going a little wild and pushing the boundaries for the full bridal party check out which has a range of outdoor activities that you and your lady friends may have never tried. It will be a hen party to remember. Or as a fantastic present for the bride before the wedding on the last night of her hen party, consider a pampering day at the salon to ensure that she is completely rested and at her very best for her wedding. Check out that offers a full range of spa treatments that the bridal party can indulge in, for a relaxing end to a fun weekend.

Weddings are without a doubt extremely expensive these days, and it is hard for brides and grooms to afford the simple extras for a wedding. As a wedding gift to your lovely bride, offer to pay for your own bridesmaid dress to spare them the costs therefore this allows them to spend more money on items or features that they may not have previously been able to have. Check out that has a lovely selection of bridesmaids’ dresses at an affordable price, so it won’t break your bank balance or the brides if she still chooses to buy them herself. This allows you some extra say in what kind of dress you have to wear and will also help the bride select dresses to suit each and every member of her bridal party! You’ll be surprised how grateful she will be for the financial help and the help with making decisions.

Simple Shower –

The bridal shower should take place just before the wedding, and with so little time until the big day, the bridal shower must be as stress free as possible. Keeping it simple will prevent anything going wrong and simplicity will help calm your lovely bride’s nerves! Check out  that has lots of ideas for themes, designs, games and plans for bridal showers if you are finding it hard to come up with ideas! You can make a budget bridal shower classy, with a bottle of champagne and proper champagne glasses to serve with. Add a strawberry to the glass before pouring and it will make everything seem more glamorous. Ensure the guests that are invited to the bridal shower are special friends who are close to the bride as well as family. This is so the bride can spend quality time with the people she loves before the wedding, not complete strangers.

Everyone wants the bride’s wedding planning to run as smoothly as possible and that is when the bridesmaids’ can step in and save the day! Check out, which is a wonderful website with every wedding supplier in one place. That includes the music, the cakes, and the flowers and so on, completed in one easy click. Pass it on to the bride and she will surely be thankful for your help!

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