Can anyone tell me if the home teeth whitening kits work?

Question by Patricia G: Can anyone tell me if the home teeth whitening kits work?
I am wondering if the home teeth whitening kits work, and do they work on part dentures? Also why is it that some people have natural white teeth and some are a shade below?

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Answer by huggybear147258
My mom got one before it didn’t work. But maybe it was just because she wasn’t consistant. And your other question…..well can’t figure that one out.

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  1. mrpnut says:

    yes they do work i have used crest white strips premium and i have also used those new white trays they have, im not sure who makes them though<<

  2. Kreemery says:

    whitening kits work but not as effective as the ones professionaly done by dentists…

    some people have natural white teeth possibly because they use whitening toothpastes regularly and dont smoke or drink caffeine.

  3. BellaBean9999 says:

    Whitening kits are okay but crest white strips work much quicker & better.

  4. tinkerbell says:

    they definately do whiten your teeth. you can get kits ordered over the internet much cheaper than at the dentist (you take the impression of your teeth and send it back to them to make the trays), but maybe not as super white as the pictures will have you believe! i had some stains which needed to be polished off at the dentist as well.
    i know that it doesn’t work on crowns (my dad whitened his teeth but the crowned tooth stayed yellow), but i’m not sure about dentures -best check with a denture clinic first incase you waste your money.
    my dentist says that all teeth will gradually yellow over time. i believe yellowing is increased with smoking, coffee etc. but some people are just luckier than others.

  5. briteyes8uk says:

    They do work, though I can’t say for sure about partials (you might want to check on the website for the product you want to use-I also recommend Crest whitening strips). There are products made for dentures and partials, so you can always use those as well. I’ve used the whitening strips, and it makes a difference, but it’s not as drastic as a professional whitening.

    It’s my understanding that some people just have different shades of tooth enamel, but poor dental care, smoking, or drinking coffee & tea will definitely darken your teeth.

    If you have sensitive teeth, be warned-using tooth whiteners can make your teeth VERY sore!

  6. The Cat says:

    I know my teeth have a yellowish tinge because of asthma medications my mother took while pregnant. It is a natural condition for me, so likely other people as well. I was the only first grader whose teeth looked like I smoked. And no, our home was smoke free, my mom would throw your butt out on the porch if you “HAD” to light up. Even in winter.

    But I did find Crest Whitening Strips did whiten them up.

  7. sweetpie65 says:

    Flossing helps their teeth to be white.If I neglect flossing my teeth would be less white.Some people are obsess with brushing that`s why their teeth is so white.On opera show the actor had the whitest teeth that she saw and he said because he loves to brush.He has a toothbrush almost ever where.One is in his car too.

    It also depends if you drink coke,tea,coffee alot.Some other things can cause the teeth to be yellow.

  8. wendywoo says:

    i don’t know if these kits work I’ve never used them. if your teeth are discoloured it could be because of medication you take.or tea,coffee,coke could stain them also if you smoke that certainly wont help.if you are worries have a word with your dentist.good luck

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